Future Insights for Our Project

Fracking Horozontals

Horozontal wells are normally Higher producing wells but are a lot more costly to drill. Horozontal Wells benifit from a smaller foot print on the enviornment. Horozontal Wells are normally used in unconvental well drilling in Non permible formations requireing massive fracking technology. Vertical Well drilling seekout Sands that have permiblity, meaning that fluid movement takes place in the formation and the need for fracking is not necessary. Yet even in these formations there is cementation causing traped oil or gas to still be locked in these formations. Thus you have the need for Well stemulations are required. There is an emerging interest in the Austin Chaulk in Lousiana for horozontal drilling, especially the Chaulk that is above the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. The TMS has proven to be costly due to the depth of the Marine shale and the elasticity of the clay content.

Rayburn Enterpises Inc. has been interested in this formation for one of its future horozontal wells. Below is a screen shot of the top of the the Chaulk taken by Schlumberge showing the zone has great potential of having Good hyrocarbon content. The Yellow in chart are “PAY” MARKERS that Schlumberger recomends. Limestone formations with TOC content offer exceptional long lasting wells.

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