Program Information Your Benefits explained

Every donation of $50 will activate a point position in a program to be established by Douglas Rayburn equaling .0005

Rayburn Enterpises Inc. will furnish a director of donations for the program to oversee  10% revenue from the existing well.  Revenue from future wells will be directed to the same funded account for program donors benefit. People pay to join Sams Club so they can have the right to go and spend more money. We want you to join our club so we can give you more money because you will be on our ground floor, you helped us to finish our project. Therefore you are a VIP to us. Our goal is to be the biggest financial blessing you have ever had in your life. This program will be limited and will have a cutoff day.  Our lease is 640 acres and we plan a long range to have no less than 16 wells. As a VIP with your one-time donation to us, you will benefit from every well we drill as a member in the pnxoil program.

  Each donor is encouraged to email for any questions or  It is important for each member to also fallout the subscriber tag to stay updated

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