We have achieved our goal for the well completion!

To all members as soon as the Rig is on location everyone will be notified and kept up to date as we move forward. Looking forward a successful well that will be a blessing to many people.

The Wilcox formation was the first Large Discovery in Mississippi and was the first Zone that would be labeled a Giant in field production. Meaning it would produce OVER 100 million barrels of oil. This was done in the Tinsley field in Yazoo County. Wilcox is made up of 32 different stringer sands. The bottom most sand is called the “WHOPPER SAND” and production from this sand is found Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico which has produced BILLIONS of barrels of Oil. Due to strata breaks and faults Our Well will be producing from this WHOPPER sand zone. Haveing over 20 feet of oil show by TOC measurements.

proven 20 feet oil zone!

For those in the Know! 3+ ohms of resistance on IDL log; 24% porosity Nutron Density Log; Rwa is 17 times greater than the Rw; PNX Log TOC marking Proven Oil in Zone: IDL Log proves permibility in the zone of interest! Water saturantion 23% leaving OIL 77%

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